YABR: BlogBridge

Found this in one of the Lockergnome newsletters this morning. It is Yet Another Blog Reader (tm) and it is called BlogBridge. What makes this one slightly different from many of the others is that it is written in Java, so it should work the same on the three major platforms.

While there is nothing miraculous about this multi-platform support, the feature which caught my eye and made me download a copy was the fact that the feed subscriptions can be synchronized with their server. Sure, others support this feature (NewsGator comes immediately to mind), but they do not offer a free desktop version. I have yet to fully test this, but we'll see what happens when I get to another site this afternoon and fire up a copy. Until then, I'll keep my Bloglines current.

So, here are my initial feelings:


  • Multi-platform support: Works on linux!
  • Nice interface
  • Features Smart-Groups based on keywords, etc
  • Remote synchronization: Keep all copies synchronized


  • With their default groups, if I mark all the articles in a feed read and then switch to another group which contains the same feed, the articles are not marked read, i.e. I have to manually mark the feed as read

Oh, and one other note for the developers: Choosing Help | FAQ leads to a 404 page rather than the intended FAQ.