Yahoo Groups


I've been a member of many Yahoo Groups e-mail lists for quite awhile now, and I continue to search for new ones as my interests in subjects wax and wane, but there are several things about searching for lists that really annoy me:

  1. Why is there no option to sort the list by member count?
  2. Why is there no option to filter those lists which have had no activity in X days?
  3. Why is there no ability to do any filtering at all (other than by search term)?

Who designed the interface? And who left the these features out of both the original designs, and the brand new design? For a company competing with Google during every waking moment of its life, it sure has a lot to learn about usability; nothing is more frustrating than searching for a term/phrase, getting 900+ lists returned, and finding that one has to snoop through them ten-at-a-time to try to find the decent ones..