I have a new favorite Mexican restaurant: Torero's.

Located at the intersection of Millbrook and Atlantic Avenue here in Raleigh, this restaurant offers a diverse menu of Mexican food items at very reasonable prices.

The first vote came after I asked for 'hot' sauce/salsa, and the waiter delivered a green salsa with chunks of pepper, and it was actually very spicy! Also, it didn't taste like it came out of a jar, this stuff just had to be fresh.

For the entree, I ordered the Grande (choice of two items) with a beef burrito and a chile relleno. The waiter brought out a LARGE round plate (platter?) with a burrito that was fully twelve inches long by 4 inches wide, and a very large chile. It also included beans and rice. This dinner was enough for two! The food was incredible, and it was only $7.95.

This is one restaurat we will definitely be returning to often. Check it out!