XM Radio PCR

Well, I finally got tired of not having XM Radio available at work, so I ordered one of the new XM PCR units. This is an XM Radio receiver which plugs into your computer via the sound card, and is controlled via a USB connection.

The software which runs on the PC is used to control the receiver, but it also shows what is currently playing on all 100 XM channels. It also has features which enable you to program favorite artists, and have the receiver automatically switch to the channel playing one of those artists. At $69.99 for the hardware and software, it seems like a great deal.

Unfortunately, the receivers are backordered at PCConnection (the only source for the device currently), and they advised me that they would not ship until Wednesday (5/21), but I paid the extra four dollars for overnight shipping, so hopefully I'll have one to play with by Thursday!

More details once I receive it.